As per Hatemalo Kendra’s constitution approved by Government’s Administration Office, there are four types of memberships:
  1. Founding Members
  2. General Members
  3. Life Members
  4. Honorary Members
First, Founding Members are those members who were involved during organization establishment.
Second, General Members are those members who are actively taking part in social works as local stakeholders. They have to pay the annual membership charge.

Third, Life Members are those members who wish to support financially and work as a International/National Stakeholder/Liaison. They have to pay a onetime membership charge.
Fourth, Honorary Members are those members who are well renowned socially.

Till to date, Founding and Life Members:
  • Bhairab KC, Founding Member
  • Krishna Bahadur Khadka, Founding Member
  • Ms. Sangita Thapa, Founding Member
  • Ms. Yeshoda Khadka, Founding Member 
  • Ms. Mandira Thapa, Life Member
  • Ms. Ramji Rai, Founding Member
  • Ms. Ratna Devi Maharjan, Founding Member
     Ms. Mandira Thapa, Life Member

Intellectual Disability Day Service (Daycare)

Hatemalo Kendra is established under the Nepal’s Social Welfare Act with the aim of social cooperation for the professional development, mak...