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Hatemalo Kendra offers volunteering from all over the world, where you’ll intimately get connected with the warm and ever welcoming people, where you will work to improve the lives of disabled children and local deprived people. You can choose from diverse volunteer programs of Hatemalo Kendra like work or do physiotherapy for mentally & physically disabled children, teach English & sports, involve environment and conservation, photo journalism and many others.
Group of foreign students can come to stay in our local area in their vacation to provide information on their culture and learn about Nepali culture. During their programs students will teach informal education and provide training to our daycare children & youth what they learnt in schools colleges.
Welcome to educators for children with disability - a guide for parents. This guide aims to give you a broad understanding of the support available for children and young people with disability in our center.

Your support can encourage parents as they will get a safe place to train their mentally retarded and physically disabled children & youth. Without support, they would spend their lives at home with organs squeezing and depending on their families.

By helping mentally retarded children & youth escape the stigmas of their disabilities. Enable them to get to do as normal children, learn to take care of themselves and provide some hope for their parents.

It will give you a happiness of:

  • informal education for intellectual disabled children & youth
  • friendly & secure environment for intellectual disabled children & youth
  • the specialized support with disability to handle their day to day activities
  • health status monitoring of intellectual disabled children & youth
  • counseling for intellectual disabled children's parents
  • outdoor activities of intellectual disabled children & youth


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Intellectual Disability Day Service (Daycare)

Hatemalo Kendra is established under the Nepal’s Social Welfare Act with the aim of social cooperation for the professional development, mak...